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islamic dating sites
Getting married was praised and encouraged by the Prophet.

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islamic dating site

The purpose of marriage is not to restrict spouses, but to make the two one.

Marriage has existed since the first sighting of man on earth, and the institution of the family has been held in high esteem in all societies recorded by history. In marriage, the two sexes complement each other. Two bodies, two hearts, two souls, and more precisely, two personalities unite.

British anthropologist John D. Urwin, who has done extensive research on eighty civilizations over the last four thousand years, has seen that in every civilization, as the family deteriorates, the civilization begins to crumble. According to Urwin’s research, a man uses his energy in the direction of his lust and desires, when he gets married, he sweats to establish a house, and tries to show the best activity by investing in the future.

islamic dating sites Why?

Although there have been changes in family duties recently, these four basic principles have always existed and will always exist:

1. meeting needs: Various restrictions are imposed on behavior in order to ensure the peace of the society; Marriage rules are also among these restrictions. But needs are not the only purpose of marriage.

2. Ensuring economic cooperation: There is a division of labor and cooperation according to gender in all known human societies. Due to their physical strength, men are given heavier and more challenging tasks. Since childbearing is essential for women, lighter work is often considered appropriate in addition to this task. In short, the contributions of women and men to the family complement each other.

3. Reproduction, providing a breeding environment

4. Raising the child, care and education (socialization): Family members contribute to family unity by doing their part in this regard.

So what are the benefits of marriage?

Marriage provides the satisfaction of many of our needs and brings many advantages. To list them briefly;

– The person’s life is in order. Feeding, warming, dressing and sheltering are organized.

– The feeling of loneliness and distress that threatens mental health disappears in the warm atmosphere of the family. Marriage. It is always more reassuring than living alone.

– The best of pleasures such as motherhood and fatherhood are tasted.

– Women satisfy the sense and need of economic security.

– Depression and mental illnesses are less common in married people than in singles. Because while marriage brings social dependencies and responsibilities, it also provides social dignity and protection.

– Problems such as indulging in waste and similar bad habits, boredom, feeling of emptiness, purposelessness, wasting of time, inclination to quarrelsomeness, and quick temper are more common in singles than in married people.

– The most important benefit of marriage is that it is the best solution that is valid physically, morally and emotionally for the satisfaction of needs.

– Psychological and emotional unity is ensured by marriage. Mutual relations between all individuals in the family, and primarily between husband and wife, are not based on benefit. There is also a spiritual relationship, and this relationship generates and maintains love, compassion, compassion, compassion, mutual trust, self-sacrifice, consolation and help. of human nature
The best expression of self sprouts through this relationship. The spiritual potential of men and women is realized only within the framework of the family institution, and in this way, the feelings of goodness and virtue grow in the family environment and the outside world. In marital friendship, each spouse experiences an ever-increasing sense of fulfilling some responsibilities. When children join the family, values ​​of love, compassion and sacrifice become reality and become fixed personality traits.

– Another benefit of marriage is the feeling of trust that comes from having someone that spouses love, trust, encourage, laugh together and develop together, and know that it is only theirs. The purpose of marriage is not to restrict spouses, but to make the two one. To develop to the highest possible level with mutual support, love and encouragement.

About marriage and family in the Qur’an: “It is one of the proofs of His existence that he creates among you spouses with whom you can find peace, and that he creates love between you. There are lessons in these for nations who think.” commanded.

Indeed, the family is the foundation of society and will always exist.

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